We’re all a big and extraordinary family!

Effebiquattro was founded on March the 1st 1975 to produce finished doors for carpenters for the first time.

We’re an Italian company and we are creators of doors in Italy. The value of our design and of our product is designed for all the world. We look to foreign markets with ambition and courage. We’ve been selling doors in Russia and Israel since 20 years ago and nowadays we are a worldwide company selling over 30 countries.

The company has changed a lot since the middle 70’s but we still based in the same pillars. Design, Quality, Technology, Sustainability and Passion. We are Italians, passion runs through our veins. Maybe that’s the reason why my two daughters, Giovanna and Simona, decided to accompany me in this adventure. They are the future of Effebiquattro. They and all the people that had the same courage and passion.