Luminescent, psychedelic, dazzling: the fluo colors are the protagonists of the maxi trend of the moment …
Because the important thing is to emerge!
Effebiquattro Milano, a leading company in the design and production of interior doors, always in step with the
trends of the fashion world, lights up the houses with a lively touch of color and a little bit of eccentricity, creating
doors that do not go unnoticed thanks to the brightness of the FLUO YELLOW.
YELLOW, the color par excellence of joy, liveliness and joy becomes the protagonist of the home environment and
proves to be the ideal solution for lovers of a modern style but with a nostalgic taste for the timeless Eighties.
Energetic, warm, vibrant … The color FLUO YELLOW allows you to always find a ray of sunshine at home, perfect
antidote against the greyness of the harshest winter days, to welcome guests in a warm and stimulating
environment, which immediately transmits positive vibes.
For a house that shines with its own light.