Red is the most passionate color in the palette.

Classic and revolutionary at the same time, seductive and intriguing: red is reconfirmed, season after season, the nuance of excellence for make-up, coats, accessories, shoes and evening outfits.
Each wardrobe has at least one red dress.

That’s why Effebiquattro, creator of the “Trendology” company philosophy, doors + fashion + technology, says that: “every house should have at least one red door”.

Red is also the color of victory, excellence, special occasions and fashion shows on the red carpet.

Effebiquattro Graffiti

Effebiquattro proposes the Graffiti door in red to bring passion and energy into Italian homes and beyond.
To illuminate the environment, unleash positive vibes and attract the eye on yourself as only international Fashion Icons can do.
To be combined with the most sophisticated and functional accessories, or to be inserted as a prominent element in a neutral-toned environment.
Graffiti by Effebiquattro is the door that stands out for its ability to combine simplicity and elegance, functionality and design. It is the door that interprets that are the details that make the difference: in fact it combines the noble material of wood with the clean and different lines and sinuous motifs, realized with the method of slight pantographing.
Graffiti was born in 2013 in white and Ral colors, and is now available in all colors.

Valuable elements such as the reversible door without rebate, the magnetic lock and the hidden hinges, in addition to the high sound absorption with an acoustic reduction of 28.5 decibels, make Graffiti an innovative door. Graffiti is available the versions: wing door, sliding inside and on the wall, and rototraslante.