Being the leading manufacturer of interior doors is a privilege and in particular an inspiration to keep on innovating, improving and working. Only in this way can we deliver an endless number of doors featuring outstanding design, cutting-edge technology and the highest quality. The best door for everyone.


The inside of a house is a big world. So besides the finest doors, we’re also proud to present our four new lines which provide a balanced and contemporary way of living in a functional, comfortable and attractive style: ARIA, ARREDA, ABITO and AD-HOC.


Forty-five years looking to the future. Effebiquattro started out with one key goal in mind: to provide what the consumer was seeking and couldn’t find. This commitment has always led us to hunt for new trends, new pathways and new solutions and made us into the Italian leader in interior door manufacturing. Over all this time, we have striven to deliver the finest design, the highest quality and the latest technological breakthroughs to ensure we can offer a superior and unique product. Italian interior solutions which our customers needed and couldn’t find anywhere else.