White Swan – EFFEBIQUATTRO Milano

Elegance and purity:
White Swan Trend
Classic and versatile, timeless and elegant: “White Swan” is the trendiest nuance for this year’s interior
Emblem of purity, noble feelings and desire for change is a nuance with a traditional but at the same
time modern character that easily adapts to different styles and contexts without ever tiring …
It’s the way to combine it that makes the difference!
What better color for interior design doors, for a candid and luminous look.
Effebiquattro Milano, a leading company in the sector, offers two models of the White Swan color to
meet everyone’s taste and needs.
Newport: the door designed to be noticed thanks to its innovative technology of hidden hinges and
soundproofing that guarantees relax and tranquility;
NoDoor2: the door that becomes one with the walls of the house, camouflaging itself.
A satin-finished door that adapts to the surrounding environment, giving it harmony.
Effebiquattro Milano and “White Swan”: a winning combination to make the spaces simple and classy,
where brightness and light are the strength point.