It is everywhere, on TV and on social media, it has conquered the covers of all magazines of all sectors, it has invaded the search engines and even the … beauty cases!

It’s called “Game of Thrones” and it is much more than a TV show: born as a TV show it has become a real trend, able to involve viewers, enthusiasts and non-fans, from all over the world.

A real obsession.

And now, the time has come to “influence the houses”: that’s why, Effebiquattro Milano, a leading company in the design and production of interior doors, proposes the “Game of Thrones” door for the most fanatical but also the most fanciful. For those who want to dream and live. For those who want to keep up with times, and live “outside the lines” but always remaining “cool”.

Noise isolation, fire resistance at very high temperatures, smoke, maximum safety and comfort, characteristics that for real fans of the famous TV show are more than familiar.

In fact, the IS(O)LA door by Effebiquattro is the ideal solution for those who want to live far from the elements that compromise relax and isolation.

The door inspired by “Game of Thrones” represents the maximum expression of Trendology: the corporate philosophy of Effebiquattro Milano, which combines Design, Fashion & Technology, offering doors that excel in terms of quality, attention to detail and functionality every day, which follow but also dictate, international trends.