Clear, impalpable, never out of place and always delicate … Minimalist but original.
Pastel colors are the must-have of the season, to be admired on the season covers and to be repeated on the walls
of the house.
Effebiquattro Milano, leading company in the design and production of interior doors is always in step with the
coolest trends. Effebiquattro Milano proposes Disegno in the delicate lilac shade, the door of the Dilàcollection
that combines elegance and minimalism supporting its character.
A perfect combination of the freshness of a color with floral references and the elegance and care for details of a
door made like a masterpiece.
To capture all the looks!
In the new frontier of neutral colors stands out the lilac, evocative of spirituality, which combines warm and cold
tones in a romantic, cheerful nuance that transmits comfort and relaxation at home.
To give the surrounding environment brightness and an air of lightness, ideal not only in the summer seasons but
in every period of the year.
Extremely chic and versatile, the delicate lilac combines the femininity of pink and the masculinity of blue, so much
so that it is considered genderless and therefore a color loved by men too.
The perfect mix of simplicity, refinement and modernity but with a retro taste … to give a sense of serenity and good
mood to the interiors but without forgetting the style, always sophisticated, a distinctive feature of Effebiquattro