It’s the coolest trend of the moment: the Rustrial style combines rustic and industrial.
Wood and rust.
For an environment revisited and heated in an original way.
Suitable for new and lived spaces, to renew its soul and give it a trendy touch, it is characterized by the
combination of rustic materials such as refined wood, in all its forms, with the industrial atmospheres
typical of New York lofts.
A leather armchair, wrought iron bookcases, exposed brick walls and wooden doors.
Once again the protagonist of furniture, always privileged material of doors created by Effebiquattro
Milano, producer and one of the main market leaders in interior doors.
True Italian excellence, Effebiquattro Milano for over 40 years chooses this material for the realization
of interior doors, which with its warmth “heat” environments, and tell a story.
The Newport door is, at this moment, the product that is giving the most satisfaction to the company:
high technology for a wooden door with high noise reduction (28 db), hiddeng hinges and magnetic
lock. Design, quality, and above all the choice of materials is what makes the Company’s approach
Respect for the Environment.
Effebiquattro Milano guarantees products created with wood-derived materials from forests subjected
to rigorous environmental, social and economic standards. The wood used, in fact, comes exclusively
from certified forests, and the raw materials chosen are recyclable: it uses formaldehyde-free glue,
environmentally friendly water-based paints and cardboard packaging.