It is called Trendology and is the business philosophy of Effebiquattro Milano, a leading company in the design and production of interior doors, combining Design, Fashion & Technology.

With an eye on trends in the fashion world, Effebiquattro creates everyday doors that excel in terms of quality, attention to detail and product functionality.

In perfect timing for the beginning of spring, when the spirits become more sparkling and the desire to renovate the house is upon us, Effebiquattro aligns its proposals with the trend of the moment, which wants polka dots in the wardrobe, but also at home.

NODOOR2 Polka Dots by Effebiquattro Milano is the door that totally disappears or becomes the protagonist of a neutral-toned wall ..

NODOOR2 by Effebiquattro gives continuity to the walls of the house, creating a unique surface without interruptions, if not in style.

Available in different colors, each NODOOR2 door can be customized according to the needs of color and style of your home.