It’s Green, it’s trendy, it’s lively, it’s bright, it’s natural …
It is the unconventional green that drives lovers of color: it is the “Tropical Green” and is conquering wardrobes and furnishing accessories.

A “Jungle Style”, a design inspired by exotic and uncontaminated places, the Tropical Green is the protagonist of the houses that recall real oases of peace, exotic shelters, far from the chaos of the city, a stone’s throw from the metropolis!

A touch of bright green is enough to light again the zen souls and evoke the luxuriant nature unfamiliar to large cities.

Effebiquattro Milano proposes the GRAFFITI Tropical Green door to give freshness and brightness to the rooms, to recreate warm and welcoming atmospheres… for a perennial holiday in our home!

An intense color that does not go unnoticed and that stands out for its originality, vitality and character … just like the “Graffiti” door by Effebiquattro Milano, for those who want to dare, to be different. To be Unique.